FAQ for Clients

How many offices do you have?
We have one office, located in Dunedin, FL.
What do you charge?
All fees are contingent upon successful recovery based on volume, balance size, age of account, and collectibility
Do we need a contract?
Yes. We can provide a sample upon request.
Are there set up costs or minimum monthly assignment requirements?
We do not charge set up fees and you assign when and if you need our collection assistance.
Do you charge if you do not collect the account?
No. Fees are contingent upon successful recovery.
What information do you need in order to collect on an account?
This varies based on the type of debt. Copies of invoices, any signed agreements, last statement and any credit application that applies (documents should include name, address and contact information). On Insurance debts, we require the audit billing statement, declarations page, audit worksheets, and the original application.
How do we submit a new account to you?
You can email the necessary information to rsi@revenuesystems.com. If you have multiple accounts to be entered at once, you can email us a spreadsheet with the required information that can be uploaded into our system. For more information or an upload template, please contact us.
Can you handle out of state debt?
Yes, we can collect in most states.
Do you require any minimum number of accounts to be placed?
There is no minimum quantity of accounts necessary to submit for collections.
Can you collect on older accounts?
Old accounts are accepted on a case by case basis. Yes, we can collect on older accounts, however, once a debt is defaulted on, the sooner they make it into collections the better the chance of successful recovery. Also, older accounts cost more to collect.
Do you send accounts to attorneys?
Yes, only with prior approval from our client.
How long have you been in business?
Revenue Systems, Inc. has been in business since 1998.
What industry associations are you a member of?
Revenue Systems, Inc. is a member of ACA International and FAIA.