RSI’s New Office

RSI is excited to announce relocating to new office space effective July 11, 2008. Although we have enjoyed our current location for the past 10 years, the time had come to negotiate a new lease. RSI management took this opportunity to search for a space that was more accommodating to our current needs. We found a place less than 1.5 miles from our current location that we feel will benefit our staff with better access due to less traffic as well as the pleasure of working in a newly renovated suite. Please note that RSI’s phone numbers, e-mail and mailing addresses will remain the same, the only change will be our physical location.

RSI has been working from our new office space since mid-July. Remarkably we experienced less than 4 hours of “downtime” in completing the move. This was accomplished by careful planning and tremendous cooperation from our staff as well as the vendors that were involved. Management feels that the change has already had a positive impact on our employees and the overall performance of the company. We look forward to a strong close for 2008.